The Second Gamer Pro Forums Rules


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Jan 29, 2024
Effective Date: 30-01-2024
Forum Overview:
The Second Gamer Pro Forums is dedicated to game enthusiasts and developers. Here, you can download a variety of games and source codes. The forum also serves as a platform for discussions related to gaming and development.
How The Second Gamer Pro is Different:
  • Focus on gaming and development resources.
  • Safe and vetted content for download.
  • Active community support and categorization for easy navigation.
Forum Terms and Rules:
  1. Language and Content: Post content in English. Ensure threads are well-structured with appropriate images, descriptions, and relevant information.
  2. Advertising and Earning: Use only a single layer of ads in your shared links. Do not add multiple ad layers or misleading links.
  3. Download Links: Share links without speed limits or premium account requirements. Recommended hosts include Google Drive and
  4. Behavior: Maintain respect in all interactions. No abusive language or behavior is tolerated.
  5. Content Review: All submissions are subject to review. Do not share private, confidential, or illegal content.
  6. Prohibited Content: Avoid defamatory, abusive, threatening, pirated, or unlawful content. You are responsible for the content you post.
  7. Spam and Self-Promotion: Do not spam or self-promote. Keep the focus of your posts relevant to the forum.
  8. Duplicate Content and Links: Avoid posting identical content or links to external sites requiring registration.
  9. Additional Section Rules: Check each forum section for any additional specific rules.
  10. Accounts and Giveaways: Do not create duplicate accounts. Follow specific guidelines for participating in or conducting giveaways.
  11. Violation and Points System: Violations result in warning points. Accumulating too many points leads to account banning.
  12. Affiliate Links: Use affiliate links responsibly and transparently.
  13. Signatures/Profile: Follow guidelines for using your signature or profile for promotion, particularly if you don't meet marketplace selling requirements.
  14. Requests and GPL Content: Be mindful when making requests. Avoid reposting content from GPL sites.
  15. Marketplace Rules: All marketplace posts are subject to approval. Follow specific guidelines for selling or buying, including details about the product, refund policies, and payment methods.
  16. Respect for Software and Games: Understand the legality and ethical implications of sharing games and source codes. Avoid sharing cracked versions or content that infringes copyrights.
  17. Contribution and Participation: Encourage active participation and contribution to the community before leveraging its resources for personal gain.
  18. Dispute Resolution: Understand that the forum staff cannot always intervene in disputes, especially in transactions outside the official channels.

Respect the Rules & Enjoy Your Time at The Second Gamer Pro Forums! 🎮